Gas and Oil Lease Services

MAJR Resources offers onshore oil and gas lease services coast-to-coast. Although we mainly service projects in Texas, we go where our clients need us. From Coast to Coast, our mission is to increase production and maximize efficacy.

We help our clients operate at full capacity while minimizing costly downtime. This is how we approach each and every project. Focusing on a cost-effective and safe working environment, MAJR Resources is committed to teamwork, safety, and superior results.

Mineral Rights

The truth is, the oil and gas industry is constantly evolving. As new litigation comes into play, this leads to new interpretations of mineral conveyances as well as previous leasing details. When it comes to the leasing of your minerals for both exploration and development — this will be one of the most challenging transactions you’ll make. It’s also one of the most important.

Based on this evolving industry, it’s critical that you structure leasing terms in a thoughtful, proactive manner. After all, you may need to live with your lease for decades. This step should not be taken lightly, as it requires careful wording, and ultimately knowledge of the industry through expert guidance and support.

Leases will vary, so it’s important to understand each and every detail prior to any mineral exploration or extraction.

Your Trusted Landman Services

At MAJR Resources, we have a long history of successful outcomes for our clients, thanks to comprehensive landman services designed to help you reach your goals. Our seasoned professionals have the skill and experience to research titles, negotiate leases, and navigate permits on your behalf, providing the end-to-end services that get your project underway quickly and efficiently. Read More