How To Extend An Oil and Gas Lease?

One of the issues facing oil and gas business owners is how to extend their leases in a timely manner. While it is not uncommon for oil and gas lease terms to last as little as one month to as long as ten years, the average term of an oil… Read More

What To Watch Out For In Oil or Gas Well Leasing

Millions of oil and gas leases exist in America. All sorts of Americans have created these leases which allow companies to drill for oil or gas on their land. However, plenty of these transactions are made without a real understanding of the fine print. What exactly are we getting… Read More

Should I Drill, Pool or Sell my Interests?

If you have working interests or investments in oil wells, you have the choice of drilling, pooling or selling your interests. Your best decision is affected by several factors which you will have to take into consideration. Deciding when to drill, pool or sell will depend solely on your individual… Read More