Landman Services and COVID-19

Stay Strong

First of all, the staff here at MAJR Resources Inc, extend our condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one. We pray that we make it through these unprecedented times with something to keep looking forward too.

With that said, MAJR Resources is still actively engaged in providing services to exploration and production companies, mineral purchasing companies, oil and gas companies of all types and sizes, and solar energy and solar farm companies. Through the struggles that this pandemic has brought, we are blessed with being able to work remotely more than ever. Should your company find that you need our services, ranging from title research, negotiating mineral leases and surface agreements, and through title opinions and title curative, we are in a position to provide said services. Please do not hesitate our staff here at MAJR Resources Inc.

Keep your heads up, your spirits high, and your loving nature strong. We shall persevere and begin a new era in this beautiful world we live in.