The​ ​Importance Of​ ​Landman​ ​Project​ ​Management

Oil and gas exploration is an incredibly important, and potentially profitable, investment. With global demand for oil and gas higher than ever before, the need for reliable sources of oil and gas continues to grow. At the same time, new technologies — including hydraulic fracturing — are making oil and gas fields that were previously uneconomical into potentially lucrative investments.

It comes as no surprise that a growing number of forward-thinking investors are moving into oil and gas exploration. However, there are numerous hurdles you will need to stay ahead of in order to succeed.
Perhaps the most significant challenge you will inevitably face is working through the gauntlet of rules and regulations associated with oil and gas exploration. Proper research and executing due diligence, procurement, title operations and all the other regulatory hurdles associated with the oil and gas industry should be your first priority.
In addition, there are a substantial number of risks associated with the actual physical process of oil and gas exploration. Without the proper expertise, your exploratory project might collapse into an out-of-control mess of expenses and delays.
Once your exploratory project is underway, you’ll need to ensure the daily operations are performed safely, efficiently and within the letter of the law to avoid unnecessary delays and cost overruns.

Get MAJR Resources on Your Side

The key to successfully navigating the legal and procedural hurdles associated with oil and gas exploration is having a team like MAJR Resources on your side. Our expertise with oil and gas exploration is vast and diverse, saving you untold time and headaches. By allowing a MAJR Resources project manager to work with you, you’ll be able to dramatically reduce your learning curve and unnecessary (and potentially expensive) mistakes.

Our project managers can help you with everything from the initial due diligence to the actual day-to-day operations of your project. Whether you are relatively new to oil and gas exploration or have years of experience under your belt, having a MAJR Resources project manager can be a significant asset in your corner.
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