What Does A Land Technician Do?

The oil and gas industry relies on the hard work and experience of thousands of professionals to perform a wide variety of jobs. An expert team of experienced professionals is required to take a project from start to finish. Some positions within the industry, like the landman, are highly visible. Other roles, such as the land technician, are less widely known and recognized, but equally critical to the success of a project.

The landman is the most familiar and recognized professional within the oil and gas industry. The landman has to negotiate mineral and land rights agreements and effectively bridge the gap between companies and landowner, but that is not their only responsibility.

There’s much more to the role of the landman than negotiation. Mineral and land rights agreements require extensive research of both public and private records. For much of this behind the scene research, the landman relies on the knowledge and expertise of a land technician.

Land technicians work for landmen, often operating behind the scene as the landman’s right-hand. A land tech performs much of the legwork and research that the landman requires. As the primary assistant to a landman, a land tech must be highly organized and very detailed oriented. While not as publicly visible as the front line landman, the land technician has a demanding position and plays a vital role in the success of any negotiation or project.

The land tech is responsible for supporting the landman with numerous types of land-related data. As the landman’s assistant, the land tech is responsible for keeping the landman organized and supplied with timely and accurate information. Both positions require a thorough understanding of every aspect of the mineral acquisition process.

The professional land tech must be able to multitask and may be required to research complex contracts, leases, titles and landowner issues. They are proficient at analyzing land contracts and leases, computing working and net revenue interests, and processing invoices from field representatives and title attorneys. The land tech may also be responsible for preparing correspondence and report s for partners and interested parties. The critical role of ensuring the accuracy of paperwork and the updating of internal databases to ensure compliance with contracts and agreements is often the responsibility of the land tech.

Success in the oil and gas industry requires a team of skilled professionals with vast and diverse knowledge. The team at MAJR Resources has the expertise necessary to navigate the legal and procedural hurdles associated with oil and gas exploration. Highly qualified land technicians plan a critical role in determining the viability and potential of a project and ensure the best use of valuable resources. Proper research and executing due diligence is a vital role that is filled by professional land technicians.

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